The Board

Gameboard The board consists of 655 hexagonal spaces assembled into an extended hexagon.

The Playing Area
The white and gray hexagons and one gold hexagon in the center make up the playing area of the board.

Out of Bounds
All areas outside the Playing Area are out of bounds. A piece may neither move through nor shoot over these areas.

Axes of Movement
Where the hexagons meet, they form flats and lines. These are the Axes of movement on the board.

The various pieces can move across flats, along lines or some combination of these. Which of these obtains at any given moment depends on the piece and the movement orientation (see Movement).

Player Opposition
Each player has one opponent directly opposed, two opponents diagonally opposed, and two opponents adjacently opposed.

Base Line
The two rows of spaces closest to the player taken together are the Base Line. The Base Line includes all of the starting positions for the player’s capital pieces (see Starting Positions).

Center Line
The line mid way between each player and his directly opposed opponent is the Center Line for these two players.

Ground Zero
The center most space, through which all the Center Lines pass, is gold colored and is called Ground Zero.

Any one of the six sides of the board. The colors are Silver, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Green and Red. The playing pieces match the color of the Hextant they start in.

The Players

There are two Player formats:
  1. Individual Player - One person plays each of the six differently colored sets of game pieces.
    • This format consists of six Players, one for each color set of pieces, and is the normal play configuration.

  2. Team Player - Two or more persons play a colored set of game pieces.
    • This format consists of six Players, one or more of which is a Team of two or more people who will play a single set of game pieces.
    • A Team Player must be unanimously approved by all other Players.
    • A Team Player must publicly declare which of the Team members will move the game pieces, including the Token. This person is the only member of the Team allowed to touch the game pieces. This assignment may be publicly changed during game play.
    • A Team may confer publicly or privately. Among the Team members, what would be considered kibitzing is allowed as team conferencing.

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