General Piece Movement
There are two axes of movement on the board; flats and lines. The lines further divide into three mutually exclusive line axes.

Pieces move along lines, across flats or some combination of these.

A piece moving across a flat axis travels through each space along the route.

A piece moving along a line axis does not go through the spaces whose edges make the line. Therefore, pieces in these spaces will not interrupt travel.

Travel may continue until the piece reaches its movement limit, or encounters another piece.

Illustrations Legend
Red lines and arrows are movement on a line axis.
Blue lines and arrows are movement on a flat axis.

Solid lines are the primary movement.
Broken lines are optional movement.

Yellow spaces indicate the capture space at the end of a move.
Light Yellow spaces indicate spaces along the route of a move where a capture may be performed.

Equivalent Terms
The following terms are equivalent.

Moving on a line is the same as moving along a line axis.
Moving across a flat is the same as moving along a flat axis.

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