HexiMerosTM finds its roots in Chess and various geo-political strategy games.

The underlying goals were to produce a game that was:

  1. As elegant and direct as Chess.
  2. Included the intricacies and intrigue of interpersonal, governmental, business, military and geo-political relations.
The game far exceeds these criteria.

Like Chess, HexiMerosTM consists of players alternately moving playing pieces with the object of winning.

Like the strategy games, HexiMerosTM provides opportunities for alliances, betrayals, making friends and enemies.

Unlike Chess, a Sovereign may be captured and removed from (and possibly returned to) the board.

Unlike the strategy games, everything that happens around the play area and away from the play area is part of the game.

HexiMerosTM requires strategic thinking and play on a level that Chess does not approach.

The Nature And Objectives Of The Game Of HexiMerosTM

The game of HexiMerosTM is played between six opponents who move their pieces alternately on a hexagonal board. The player with the Silver pieces commences the game. A player is said to "have the Move" when he is in possession of the To ken.

The object of the game is to be the last player on the board.

The players do this by placing other opponents Sovereigns "under attack", in such a way that the opponent Sovereign may be captured by himself or any other player. This is repeated until there is only one player with pieces remaining on the board. The player who achieves this goal has won the game. The players whose Sovereigns have been captured have lost the game.

If the playing position is such that neither of the last two players can capture the Sovereign(s) of the other, the game is drawn between these two players. The other players have still lost the game.

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